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Alanya Resort Turkey

Cleopatra Beach & The Old City Walls - Alanya

Alanya is a seaside resort city which sits on the stretch of coastline on the southern coast of Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera. The city is located around 120 km east of Antalya. Running almost parallel, either side of the resort, are the Taurus Mountains to the north and the Mediterranean sea in the south. Dividing the resort is a rocky peninsula, with long stretches of beach either side - Damlatas Beach and Cleopatra beach to the west and Keykubat Beach to the east.

Alanya Marina

Alanya has a rich history having been occupied by the Ptolemaic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. The combination of it's colourful history and favorable climate have made Alanya a popular tourist destination. To begin with in the 1960s it was mainly the Turks who chose this city for their holidays. However following the creation of the Antalya Airport in 1998 the resort has steadily established itself as an international resort. Foreign homeowners, mainly German and Scandinavian, also seem to favor Alanya making up a sizeable proportion of the population. Owing to the influx of tourists and foreign homeownership, tourism is now the main industry for the city.

Activities in Alanya Turkey

Alanya Old City Walls

Alanya Castle built on the peninsula in 1226. served as a defense and administrative building. The old city walls, 6.5 km in length, are still largely intact on the eastern side of the peninsula, and can be walked.

The Kizil Kule (Red Tower) - Alanya

The Kizil Kule (Red Tower) is an octagonal 33m tall red brick tower built to help defend the then shipyard. It's on the eastern side of the peninsula and once of the cities finest medieval buildings - it's also the symbol of Alanya which featuring on their flag.

Damlatas Cave with its huge stalagmites - Alanya

Visit the Damlatas Cave with its huge stalagmites nearly measuring up to 15m in length. It also has a interesting climate which remains constant at 22C. It's atmosphere is also claimed to be beneficial to people suffering from asthma or bronchitis. It's situated on the western side of the cities peninsula.

Alanya Damlatas Beach

Enjoy the beaches which sit either side of the peninsula. They both have long fine stretches of sandy shore and offer the usual watersport facilities. Take a dip it the warn sea - temperature can reach as high as 28C in the summer.

Excursions in Alanya Turkey

Visit Waterplanet aquapark, which is 25-30km west along the coast from Alanya in a near a town called Okurcalar. Boasting 23 slides, a 350m long river, hillside slide, rafting and more. You'll find something here for kids of all ages. http://www.waterplanet.com.tr/eng.html

* Photo used under Creative Commons from mulazimoglu

** Photo used under Creative Commons from Allie_Caulfield